PACI and TeraGrid visualization

The NSF TeraGrid with Alliance and NPACI partners (2002)


Yellow and orange icons represent Alliance and NPACI partners respectively.  The red spheres represent the TeraGrid partner sites connected by the white TeraGrid backbone.


Many of the partner sites are connected via the Abeline backbone and Internet2.


Internatational gateways are represented with green lines.

Starlight in Chicago is featured here.


This image has been rendered in high resolution enabling a detailed view for large displays and print.


Download the high-resolution image:






TeraGrid flyby animation, 1 min. (2001)



Starts at NCSA showing the initial TeraGrid cluster and disk

Dissolve to fly over SDSC’s initial TeraGrid resources

Pull away to see the full TeraGrid as of 2001

Fade in Alliance and NPACI partners with Abeline Internet2





Download the movie:

Originally rendered in HD

640 resolution Quicktime movie, 51 megs,  DTF_640x320_q88.qt


NOTE: you might want to download the link to disk and then play


800 resolution Quicktime movie, 122 megs,  DTF_800x400.qt





The Alliance and NPACI partners (1999)


Blue and orange icons represent the Alliance and NPACI partners respectively. 


Yellow flags represent sites with supercomputing projects.


Stereo glasses represent virtual reality sites.


Texture highlights represent the SURA, CIC, and EPSCoR communities.


Download the 1024 res image:


The above image was created as a registered image sequence with the images below highlighting different elements for a powerpoint presentation.


Alliance and NPACI partners with CIC, SURA and EPSCoR communities

Sites with supercomputing projects at the PACI centers

The vBNS with the CIC, SURA and EPSCoR communities

Virtual reality sites added to the vBNS and communities



NSF TeraGrid: Extensible Terascale Facility (2005)


NCSA, SDSC, PSC, ANL, UT, ORNL pictured with TeraGrid connections