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VR Collaboration

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   VR Collaboration
Live 4-way collaborative session with four people at 3 different virtual devices and 1 workstation at remote locations. This mpeg video shows the collaborative Virtual Director and Cave5D from Alliance partner Glen Wheless, featuring Chesapeake Bay and Hurricane data from Robert Whilhelmson.  Glen narrates as the video shows live interaction between Illinois and Virginia over the net.
Participant photos
Bob Patterson in the CAVE
Donna Cox at I-Wall
Glen Wheless at I-Desk 
Stuart Levy at SGI 

320x240 MPEG, 15 MB
320x240 MPEG, 24 MB
This image shows the map of the high-speed connection that links the above researchers.  The process of remote virtual collaboration over high-speed networks is called tele-immersion.



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